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Itinerary Design

Get a unique, customized itinerary for any city around the world. Whether you are traveling a few miles from home or around the globe, Annette is an expert at creating itineraries for the traveler who is looking for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

If you enjoy would eating traditional arepa in Columbia, bathing rescue elephants in Thailand or swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, then her experience driven itineraries would suit you.

Starting at $75 for a 1-day itinerary {contact} 


City Bucket Lists

CVBs, PR and Tourism Boards:
Annette creates partnerships with cities around the world to create a "Bucket List of Things to Do in {city}" article. These popular city lists are are published to the award winning travel blog Bucket List Journey {100,000 PVs/mth} and syndicated to the Northern California news website, P360 {106,000 users}. They are also shared to over 15,000 of her social media followers. 

Her "Bucket List of Things To Do in Savannah, Georgia" has had over 218,00 views, 8,000 Facebook likes and 86 comments.





Traveling 101
How do you pack lightly? What type of adapter do you need? Which travel booking websites should you use? Annette will make planning your trip a less stressful experience.

Blog Mentorship
If you have always wanted to start a blog or fine-tune the one you have, Annette can assist. She can help with everything from setup to SEO to monetization.

Small Retail Business Systemization
The systemization of a small business can lead to more free time to travel. As a restaurant owner, Annette has successfully systemized her business to run without her while she is exploring the world.

Bucket List Design
Assistance with creating your customized bucket list, time management, setting goals for the future and the financial aspects to completing your life list.

Starting at $50 an hour  {contact}



Overcoming Obstacles, Managing Fear and Creating a Bucket List